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The last workshop of the summer holidays was a great success, with 16 children attending, ranging in age from 6 to 12 years. We made the Baby Bear in Bed, which had been much requested.

The children worked very hard all day, choosing their own colours and making their own chequer board and flower canes to decorate the patchwork quilts. Lastly they made their bears and tucked them up in bed!

If you came along, see if you can see your own work in the pictures below.

We had great fun last week making this scene of Snoopy and Woodstock, toasting Marshmallows on their camping trip!061066

My most recent workshop project was to create a colourful family of Russian Dolls. I had a group of very keen and well behaved girls for this session. By the end of the six hour course, they had produced a riot of colour, each having made a set of four muli-coloured, patterned dolls, graduating in size from large to tiny!

The first image below is of the table with work in progress, followed by the family I made myself as an example for the day. Lastly there is a picture of all the wonderful work the children did themselves.

If you came along, see if you can spot your own creations!


014At another of my summer holiday sessions, the topic was “under the sea”. It proved to be both very popular and successful, with 9 children attending.

Each child made a complete seaside scene, 012with miniature sea creatures, together with a larger sized model of each creature.  Have a look as some of the pictures. The two above are examples of my own work and the one below is a picture of some of the items the children produced on the day. My favourite is the Seahorse. How about you??


Everyones work in progress

Everyones work in progress

 This is my new Blog! The idea is that I will be able let everyone see the kind of project that we cover at my holiday workshops, which are a lot of fun. A few weeks ago the theme for the day was “Nesting Dragons” Above is a picture of the work table with all the dragons in their early stages of creation.

Everyone got to choose their own colour scheme and also learnt how to mix the clay to produce a range of wonderful shades to use for decoration.


The finished results

The finished results

At the end of the day, having followed all step by step instructions, everyone was very proud to take home their new dragon pets!! Now all they have to do is think of names for them.

Posted on: April 4, 2009

Here are the chocolates my friend and I made.

Here are the chocolates my friend and I made.

Snowed in for the weekend, we made chocolates that looked good enough to eat!

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